The way we proceed is defined by each individual case, solution oriented and pragmatic. These are our methods in principle:

... coaching

  • initial meeting: getting in touch and first conversation
  • coaching framework: joint definition of the scope, dates, location, costs
  • clarification of the status quo and issues
  • coaching process: agreed coaching dialogue sessions
  • coachee develops ideas, measures, perspectives and possible solutions. Coach acts as a professional sparring partner
  • termination of the coaching by mutual agreement
  • evaluation of the coaching process and change
  • closure: closing session and formal end

... consulting projects

  • preliminary meeting, definition of instruction
  • consulting offer customised to individual requirements analysis of the current situation, possibly initial inclusion of project management, project team, parties affected and works council
  • procedure adapted to the specific needs and situation (one-on-one conversations, workshops, mediation)
  • feedback loops with client at agreed milestones or whenever necessary respecting the rules of confidentiality
  • project team presents solutions or options that have been developed jointly
  • project conclusion and evaluation