Areas of Competence

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is the professional support of managers in change processes, in their everyday leadership life where they are confronted with constantly changing challenges, in handling special project tasks or in specific work-related conflict and crisis situations. Accepting responsibility is key for the change process as is the willingness to reflect on oneself and the will to make changes. The coach assumes the role of the professional and trustworthy process supporter and sparring partner who encourages people help themselves.

Situations and Topics for Coaching could be

  • Corporate change processes which impact the management environment: change management, reorganisation, M&A, outsourcing etc.
  • Personal management challenges: leadership and conflict issues, collaboration with colleagues, co-workers and superiors; difficult negotiating situations etc.
  • Personal status analysis: work-life balance, stress management, professional change process and/or reorientation.
Supporting Change Processes

Change processes are constant in the business world and present special challenges for managers in particular. Change is often restricted to operational structures and processes. However, the people working with and in these changes are often not engaged although they are the essence of a successful change process. HOLM Consulting advises and supports you in matters involving communication, targeted information and successful process management. We complement traditional management consulting, which deals with reorganisation, benchmarks and restructuring, with a focus on the people involved and affected and, therefore, on ensuring the functioning and successful implementation of new processes and structures.

Change Processes can be

  • The reorganisation of a company or parts of a company
  • The sale and take-over of a company or parts of a company
  • Programmes to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • The relocation or outsourcing of departments or parts of a company

Change processes that are supported professionally are not only quicker but also less expensive. They furthermore strengthen the staff’s trust in the management. A considerable contribution to sustainability, motivation and performance.

Human Resources Consulting

In times of demographic change and war for talent Human Resources Management in a company is ever more important: within the company as far as the relationship between staff and senior middle and junior management, the co-workers and the works council are concerned, externally in terms of investor and client relations and competitors as potential co-workers.

Examples of Projects

  • Positioning of HR management and up-to-date HR organisation
  • Development and implementation of HR projects: employer branding, talent management, development of leadership staff
  • Conflict management: e.g. during difficult works council negotiations
  • Coaching of HR managers for their leadership role and their formative capacity as change agents in the company
Conflict Management

Due to the different interests, roles and positions of the parties involved (e.g. management and works council) conflicts are an inherent part of an organisation’s progress. However, how a company manages such confrontations is critical and significant for its success. This is not just a corporate culture issue but also an economic one.

Advantages of successful conflict management

  • Faster and more cost effective implementation of the change processes
  • Improved cooperation and increased motivation and higher performance
  • Positive impact on the corporate image inside the company and the company’s perception by clients and the labour market
  • Greater conflict competence means improved leadership competence

Proactive and successful conflict management, a positive experience of the culture of conflict management, therefore, make a valuable contribution to the sustainable future of a company.

Corporate Succession in Family-run Businesses

Changes in the personnel of a company’s management can develop into existential problems for a family-run company, in particular. The main issue in this context is the entangling of the professional and private roles and often one party holds on to the inherited leadership position for too long. This is frequently reinforced by aspects of family tradition and communication habits that have been engrained for many years. Urgently necessary management decisions can be blocked for years in some cases and the development of the company impeded or endangered.

What we offer

  • Structuring potentially emotional processes that are burdened by conflict
  • Working out individual interests and needs
  • The joint development of the roles and rules for future collaboration
  • Outlook: a sustainable organisational structure and an appropriate and adjusted new role distribution between the parties and family members involved

Every company and every industry has its own dynamics, its own history and culture which is taken into account during the process and procedures. Experts (e.g. lawyers) from our network are consulted when required.